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Kent’s Life and Works

Dr. K. Banerjee

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Principles of Homeopathy
The sick are entitled to exact knowledge, not to guess work. Everything that is a thing, has its aura or atmosphere. So as a race or class, the entire human race has its atmosphere or aura also. Each individual has his aura, or atmosphere.

The Homeopathic principles, when known, are plain, simple and easily comprehended. They are in harmony with all things known to be true.

It is not a matter of theory, or belief, or opinion; we must have something more Substantial.

Homeopathy must rest upon facts. After we are old enough to think for ourselves, we owe obedience only to Truth.

When old symptoms return, there is hope. That is the road to cure and there is none other.

Low potencies can cure acute diseases because acute diseases act upon the outermost degree of the Simple Substance and the body. In chronic disease the trouble is deeper seated, and the degrees are finer, hence the remedy must be reduced to finer or higher degrees so as to be similar to the degrees of chronic disease.

The Make-up of Humanity
What is man? Is he a body? If so we are justified in thinking of his parts, his liver, and lungs and skin, and extremities, and his body as a whole. But we are to consider man as from the life to the body.

The Germ Theory
As a matter of fact, the microbes are scavengers. I wonder if scientists reflect when they make statements about bacteria. Naturally they would say that the more bacteria the more danger, but this is not so. It is well known that shortly after death a prick from a scalpel is a serious matter. This is due to ptomaine of the corpse; but when the cadaver has become green and ailed with bacteria it is comparatively harmless.

The microbe is not the cause of disease. We should not be carried away by these idle Allopathic dreams and vain imaginations but should correct the Vital Force.

Every body has its atmosphere, just as the earth has its atmosphere. It is not the Smallpox crust that is so dangerous, it is the Aura which emanates from it.

Save the life of the patient first and don’t worry about the bacteria. They are senseless things.

The Bacterium is an innocent feller, and if he carries disease be carries the Simple Substance which causes disease, just as an elephant would.

Most doctors have gone crazy over the ‘vicious microbe” as being the cause of disease, and think the little fellows are exceedingly dangerous.

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