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Kent’s Life and Works

Dr. K. Banerjee

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Concept of Miasms
That changes in the body correspond to wrong thinking is true. The fault of the world to-day, is reasoning from externals. Man elected in the early part of his history to think from lasts to firsts, and thereby lost his ability to know.

This outgrowth, which has come upon man from living a life of evil willing, is Psora — is the life of Psora.

Now in proportion as a man falsifies truth or mixes or perverts truth; in proportion as he mixes willing well with willing evil, so does he adulterate his interiors until that state is present.

The idea that an organ like the liver which is under the control of the Vital Force and whose action the Vital Force governs is alone to set up a disease itself and thereby make the patient sick, is preposterous.

In proportion as man thinks against everything, his country, his God, his neighbor, he wills in favour of himself. Therefore this forms man into the nature of his affections.

Thus man wills against everything but himself. In proportion as he does this he becomes a form of hatred, or a form of self love; he is that. Allow this to proceed and ultimates are inevitable.

Thus man is what he wills. As his love is, so is his life. When man thinks about the neighbor, he wills one of two things - he wills good to his neighbor or the opposite is the evolution of the state of man’s will, the sora state of his sin.

Man, today, is destroyed as to his intentions. so that truth looks as black as smoke, and false philosophy as bright as the sun

His aura becomes intensified with the growth of evil in the interior of man. Thinking, willing and doing, are the three things in life from which finally proceed the chronic miasms.

The whole Miasm in a chronic disease, does not come out in an individual, but in the human race.

Materia Medica never inspires perception. The physician must have the love of its use, and he becomes wise in proportion as he loves his use, and in proportion as he lives uprightly with his patients; that is, desires to heal them; beautify their souls. Can the physician, who does not love his neighbor as himself, get into this position?

Eternal Principles, themselves, are authority. The Law of Similars is a Divine Law. So Soon as you have accepted the Law of Similars, so soon have you accepted Providence, which is law and order.
Principle teaches you to avoid suppression.

Man is made up of what he is. The very is, or being, or Esse of man is his will. The difference between two human beings would scarcely be more than the will.What a man wills to do is his life and character.Proceeding from the will is man’s understanding. If the will is good to obey the commandments, he selects his very education in accordance with it.

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