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Kent’s Life and Works

Dr. K. Banerjee

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The sayings of Kent offer a homoeopath a glimpse into the philosophy of a great homoeopath. These quotes are worthy of comtempation as they provide a background for understanding the life and works of James Kent.

You cannot divorce medicine and theology. Man exists all the way down from his innermost spiritual, to his outermost natural.

So long as a man relies upon the senses to settle what is scientific and what is not, and does not use his understanding, so long he will he be in confusion, and Sciences will oppose each other.

A truth, on any plane, presented to different men, is accepted or rejected by each according to the good, or evil of his mind. There is an innermost to everything that is, or else the outermost could not be.

Unless the inner nature of the remedy corresponds with the inner nature of the disease the remedy will not cure the disease but simply remove the symptoms which it covers; that is, suppress them.

The Two Realms
There are two worlds; the world of thought or immaterial substance and the world of matter or material substance.

The outer world is the world of results. The inner world: not discoverable by the senses, but by the understanding.One who thinks from the material, thinks disease is drawn in from without, but it is drawn out from within.

The Soul, which is the most interior of man, cannot be affected by drugs. This can only be affected by man’s own will.

The interior man is superior to the external man. Through this outer instrument everything is reflected or rather conducted.

A physician above all men if not innocent should be anything else but a doctor. A bad man has only coarse, vicious ideas of the human heart. The physician must be sober, candid and able to receive, must be patient and candid, kind and gentle as a lamb, ready and willing.

Ethical and Moral Concerns of Dr. Kent
Now when man reasoned falsely he created such a change in himself, in his Primitive Substance, that the body became changed, then he became susceptible to outer influences.

The body became corrupt because man’s interior will was corrupt.

Thinking and willing establishes a state in man that identifies the condition he is in. As long as man continued to think that which was true and held that which was good to the neighbor, that which was uprightness and justice, so long man remained free from the susceptibility to disease, because that was the state in which he was created.

‘Man today is destroyed as to his Interiors so the truth looks as black as smoke, and false Philosophy as bright as the sun.

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