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The Deadly Nightshade

Dr. Pankaj Kumar

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The patient is in an extremely anxious state. He starts in fright at the approach of anyone or starts in sleep. There is a fear of imaginary things.

Oversensitiveness to light, noise, touch and jar is marked. All complaints are aggravated by these factors. The patient is so sensitive that he does not want his hair touched; he feels as if his hair is being pulled.

Hot head and cold extremities is another characteristic of Belladona. Rush of blood to the head with cold extremities. Eyes are red and bloodshot.

Great dryness of the mucous membranes, of the nose, mouth, tongue, throat and chest. The dryness is accompanied with thirstlessness. There is dry skin, but often sweats on covered parts. Tongue is dry and swollen with red edges and white central coating. There is offensive, putrid taste in the mouth.

Dryness produces tickling, leading to a dry, barking cough, violent cough and may produce a little blood-stained mucus. Once mucus is raised, there is relief for a while and then cough repeats.

A strange feature running through all Belladona fevers of all sorts is an unconquerable craving for lemon and lemon juice. Thirst for things that could not be endorsed in health.

Remedy Source
Belladona is made from Atropa Belladona, commonly known as Deadly Nightshade. The whole plant is used to make the remedy.

Belladona Personality
The Belladona mental picture is one of violent intensity, lively and charming when well, Belladona becomes violent when ill. Belladona patient is in a state of excitability. The patient is in a wild state, doing unusual and violent things.

‘Belladona’, this remedy is suited to brainy, intellectual people where the complaints come on suddenly and with great violence then subside just as suddenly. This remedy acts miraculously in acute problems.

Sore Throat
In sore throat with severe pain and burning, give one dose of Belladona 200 and the inflammation shall subside in no time.

For migraine with the following symptoms, Belladona relieves the pain.
  • Pain is throbbing in character.
  • Pain is mostly in the temples.
  • Light & noise lessen the pain.
  • The patient feels better on keeping still and worse on slightest motion.
Most complaints are better for keeping still and warmth and worse from jar, motion, light, noise, touch, at 3 p.m. and night.

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