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Homoeopathy For All - December, 2015


Dear Readers,

Common cold and flu are the two most common infections in the whole world. These two acute ailments though not serious but can be a nuisance and make a person feel really sick. Conventional treatment doesn’t have much to offer for viral illnesses. Colds and flu often respond well to homeopathic remedies which is a tremendous advantage over modern medicine which has no cure for these conditions. Homoeopathy relieves the symptoms of flu and common cold in no time, which otherwise takes at least 3 to 5 days. I am sure most homoeopaths would agree with me on the quick effect of homoeopathic medicines on treating common cold and flu. You just have to hit on the right medicines. Choosing the right medicine for treating common cold and flu is not tough. You just need to consider a few points while selecting the medicine. This month, Homoeopathy for All focuses on these two common illnesses and their homoeopathic treatment with some tips on how to select the right medicine for these two conditions.

Influenza has also taken a serious form also in the form of swine flu, the incidence of which is increasing worldwide. This issue also covers this form of viral infection with tips on management and prevention. Homoeopathic medicines also act as prophylactic treatment for such conditions. They work by strengthening the human immune system so the body can fight with the infections itself. Homoeopathy for All also focuses on the dreaded swine flu and how we can manage and prevent it, with the role of homoeopathy in its treatment and prevention.

Thanking you
Dr. Nidhi Luthra



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